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Crime & Justice

A judge's gavel.Stirling is part of the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research, working with other universities in Scotland such as the Universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Glasgow Caledonian. 

What do we do in “Crime & Justice”?

Crime and Justice at Stirling looks at the causes of crime at different levels and contexts in society. The aim is to develop a range of responses to criminal behaviour. Our research mostly concentrates on the following areas;

  • A man's hands, handcuffed behind his back.Child Protection, Youth Offending & Youth Justice

  • Risk in the Criminal Justice System

  • Specialist Courts & Court Innovations

  • Community Justice

  • Drug Treatment Interventions

  • Sexual, Domestic and Corporate Violence

  • Corruption, Genocide & Human Rights

  • Sentencing, Imprisonment & Alternative sanctions

  • Penal Policy & Politics

For further information please see the following departmental webpages;

CRIME & JUSTICE related Departments

You can also contact the Business Development Manager for this area, Daniela Bolle.