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Participation & Inclusion

A chinese girl and her little brother pose for the camera.

Participation & Inclusion looks at issues of access, equity and inclusion throughout one’s life.

It takes in all stages of education as well as non-formal and informal learning environments.

What do we do in "Participation & Inclusion"?

Our research in this area covers;

  • Children in a classroom.Children in Care, Child Protection Services & Child Neglect
  • Pre-Verbal Communication, Face Processing & Gaze Aversion
  • Investigating Difference & Social Exclusion
  • Capacity of Individuals & Children’s Problem Solving
  • Impact of Racism and Discrimination on Young People
  • School Ethos
  • Sibling Relationships (Especially with Regard to Birth Order)

For further information, please see the following departmental webpages;

PARTICIPATION & INCUSION related Departments

You can also contact the Business Development Manager for this area, Alison Hay.