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Care Technologies

A young boy is fitted with a nebuliser mask to treat his asthma.This Cluster focuses on technologies and procedures for delivering health and social care at home. The goal is to help prolong independent living at home and to improve quality of life for those who use such services.

What do we do in “Care Technologies”?

Projects being undertaken in this cluster include;

  • MATCH (Mobilising Advanced Technologies for Care at Home)
  • PAM (Personal Ambient Monitoring)
  • DOTPI (Diagnosis and Optimal Treatment Recommendation for Progressive Illness)
  • Symptom Modelling (using Data Mining)

The types of research we do in this area include;

  • Development of new assistive technologies aimed at specific patient groups
  • Evaluation of their use at the individual level
  • Socioeconomic research into their impact and effectiveness

For further information, please see the following departmental webpages;

TELECARE & HOME CARE related Departments


You can also contact the Business Development Manager for this area, Jill Dykes.