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Research Management System (RMS) Support

Accessing the RMS

The RMS login is integrated with the University Portal, so the RMS can be accessed by the selecting the Research Management System link in the Working at Stirling or Research sections of the Portal. Alternatively, you can click here.

RMS Public Webpages

The Public Webpages of the RMS can be accessed here.


Getting help

If you have any problems accessing or using the RMS, or if you have any questions or comments, you can contact the RMS helpdesk via

RMS videos

A series of videos on how to complete various tasks in RMS



Introduction to the RMS
This is a basic introductory guide that provides an overview of the various areas of the RMS.

Quickstart guides

A range of Quickstart guides that provide instructions on how to achieve a range of specific tasks in the RMS.

Quickstart guide - Editing your Profile - basic

Quickstart guide - Open Access

Quickstart guide - Editing your Profile

Quickstart Guide - Importing Publications

Quickstart Guide - Manually Adding Publications

Quickstart Guide - Setting Up a Publications Search Profile

Quickstart Guide - Validating Publications

Quickstart Guide - Depositing Full Text in STORRE via RMS

Quickstart guide- General Guide to the CV

Quickstart guide - Organisation Unit Administrator Guide to the CV

Quickstart guide - Head of School and Manager/Research Director Guide to the CV

Application Guide – Researcher    

Quickstart Guide – Add a Twitter Follow Button

Quickstart Guide – Relating Contracts to Publications